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We are a company on a mission to revolutionize revenue forecasting and optimization. We enable the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry to create predictable sales forecasts, from volume to value. We facilitate, automate, and optimize key processes building up to a revenue plan, helping you to:

  • Create a commercial plan, with predictive analytics prompting corrective action internally and including in-market data to build retailer collaboration.

  • Win through promotions by defining your strategy, efficient promotion management and effective promotion optimization.

  • Set a profitable pricing structure through analysis, strategy creation, and management of pricing agreements, including a compliance framework.

  • Improve profitability of trade agreements through analysis and creation of a full, and compliant, negotiation strategy.

Visualfabriq’s software empowers clients by removing non-value added, manual tasks. Clients gain space to focus on spending quality time with customers. They see an increase in forecast accuracy, avoiding human errors and thus producing the right volume while reducing working capital. We deliver industry best practices to customers, building on years of experience in the industry and work with CPG’s around the world.


Super smart and friendly colleagues

The chance to use and learn cutting edge big data tools

Nice modern office with parking space and 5 min walk away from train station

Competitive salary



2 jobs


Business Development Representative
  • Maarssen, Utrecht, Netherlands
Sales and Marketing
Financial Controller
On-site, Hybrid
  • Maarssen, Utrecht, Netherlands
Visualfabriq hit the ground running with a number of great customers, so right from the beginning we had a lot on our plates. What we had on our side, was a great team of committed people who were determined to get our game-changing solutions into those first customers’ hands. These early implementations were filled with learning and we’ve used that to take a great step up in our processes, procedures and routines. We’ve positioned ourselves to go from start-up to scale-up, ready to take on more implementations.
Mike van der Niet
visualfabriq’s first employee


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